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The Gospel According to St. Bastard

Mustard Gas & Roses
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Meh. I'm a pretty irresponsible LJer. I rarely post, and when I do, it's usually just crap stolen from Web Zen or one of the communities I'm in, not about my life or anything important to me (there are exceptions, of course).

I'm happily married to fiercerose; go read her journal, it's much more interesting than mine.

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I'm a very lucky man, and I love her, with all that I am.

I moved around quite a bit as a child, and I've just done it again. After spending six years of my life in hell as a call center supervisor for that evil giant, B of A, I and the wife have moved to Portland, Or. Now for culinary school. Probably. Most likely.

Or something like that. I'm out of California. Fuck all and everything else.
'good omens', absinthe, aged scotch, alton brown, anarchy, big band, books, bookstores, boondock saints, bourbon, breakdancing transformers, buddhist monkey, catcher in the rye, celtic, chivalry, clairvoyance, classic rock, climbing, console rpgs, cooking, corrupting innocents, cryptozoology, cynicism, dave matthews band, dead like me, death, debate, denis leary, destruction, discworld, dr. steel, dragons, dreams, drinking, druids, e.a. poe, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, empathy, enlightenment, existentialism, experimental cooking, family guy, free speech, free verse, fsmism, ghosts, gnr, goldschlager, greek mythology, greg the bunny, grunge, happy tree friends, hauntings, heathens, heavy metal, history, honor, humphrey bogart, idealism in other people, irony, j.d. salinger, janeane garofalo, jazz, joker, kathrism, kittie, langston hughes, larp, literature, lost, love, magic, mary roach, massive attack, metallica, midgets, monkeys, monterey, more drinking, morphine, morrowind, movies, mst3k, my wife, mysticism, mythbusters, mythology, nightmares, original thought, pagans, pain, philosophy, pisces, pissing people off, poetry, portishead, portland, psychology, rain, reading, reincarnation, romance, roses, sci-fi, shakespeare, sin city, soulmate, spectres, spiced rum, spider-man, supernatural, sword fighting, tabletop rpgs, temple of the dog, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, the beach, the daily show, the eagles, the glass family stories, the greek pantheon, the shawshank redemption, theatre, tormenting stupid people, totem animals, travel, true love, true romance, ugly kid joe, vikipirinjas, villainy, vincent price, vodka, wes anderson movies, whiskey, wine, wit, wolves, world domination, writing


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